The purpose of this seminar is to educate the user to the Rules, Policies and Procedures in the Golf Canada Handicap System. The System is more than just software that calculates a number. It is an administrative System involving many working parts, which when working properly together will make the game more equitable and enjoyable for everyone. To educate you, we will review each section in the Golf Canada Handicap System Manual in this course. Each module focuses on a specific topic within the Manual. The session is comprised of text, video/audio and interactive areas to help you retain key knowledge of each section you review. You will find it helpful to use a pad and pen to make personal notes for your own reference as you navigate each section.

We estimate that it will take approximately four hours (in total) to complete the seminar. You can bookmark your place at any time during the seminar and come back to where you left off, allowing you to work through sections at your convenience. You may also log in as many times as it takes to complete the course (there is no time limit), so if you stop or take a break, your spot will be reserved for your next login. Each section must be completed before proceeding to the next, until you reach the Certification Quiz.

Please take your time reviewing content, as there are no rewards for completing the program the fastest. We thank you for participating in the Handicap Certification program.


All the best,
Handicap and Course Rating Department