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Please review the following orientation and navigation tips before proceeding;

  • Across the top of the course you will note HOME, TRAINING MODULES and CERTIFICATION TEST, these are sections for your navigation around the course itself. If you click on them, you will be directed to that menu's landing page. If you highlight the TRAINING page, a drop down of all Modules will be displayed. To enter one of the Modules, simply click one that is not faded out (more on this below).



  • This is simply the welcome/home page describing the course for first time entry.



  • This contains all sections and subsections of the Golf Canada Handicap Manual, you can only select or go back to sections which you have already completed in this course. Sections that have not been completed are faded out in grey, those which have been completed show with a star beside it and are offset in comparison to the rest of the modules listed. Each section has various numbers of sub-sections followed by a decisions page. The number of subsections is listed at the top of the page in each module. Please keep a pad of paper handy to make various notes on as you run through the course. Write any questions you may have on sections and if they aren’t answered in the course, please email them: Upon completion of most sections is a short pop up quiz with a few questions to help you retain some of the main points in each module. You will find this helpful for when you reach the Certification Quiz at the end of the course.



  • This area contains the Quiz to take to achieve Handicap Certification. You will only have access to take this Quiz upon completion of all modules
  • Navigation buttons On each page of the course you will note red arrowed NEXT and BACK buttons on the bottom of the left and right hand side of each page. You should use these to navigate forward and backward throughout the course. You will also note a BOOKMARK button on each page (top and bottom). Should you like to pause or leave the course for any duration, please click either of the BOOKMARK buttons which will mark your spot. This will allow you to continue with the course another time from that position/page. You can always review any module you have already completed to refresh your memory by selecting that module or page when you log back in.
  • Content Content is primarily text, tables, graphs, and video. All text, tables, graphs, and video will fully function within your browser. Only in a few instances are links provided which will open a second browser, so you will not lose your spot in the course. After reviewing the information in the second browser, simply close that page to return to the browser containing the course.


Upon completion of the Course and a successful Certification Test, you will be prompted for additional information as it relates to your Certificate of Completion of the Handicap Seminar Course. To get started, simply click on the ACCESS TRAINING link at the bottom of this page.


All the best,
Handicap and Course Rating Department

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